The Consell de Mallorca, in cooperation with the Spanish Association for the study and preservation of mills (ACEM), organises the IV y the XI Molinology Conference, in 2003 and 2018, respectively. 

From the 1990s on, the Consell de Mallorca has been a leading body in terms of research, protection, preservation, restoration and evaluation of milling heritage and traditional engineering on Mallorca. 

The international conferences on Molinology, which have been promoted by ACEM for two decades, set a quality benchmark for the research on mills and traditional devices. The Minutes of these conferences have brought to light the outstanding cultural, social, natural and symbolic values of milling heritage from the point of view of different fields of study, such as History, Architecture, Engineering, Art History and environment. 

The driving force behind the XI Conference is the desire to create synergies at international level in order to promote this heritage from an interdisciplinary approach. 

The objectives of the conference are as follows: 

  1.  To provide an analysis of the state-of-the art research, from different fields of study (History, Anthropology, Archaeology, Architecture, Engineering, etc.) and approaches. 
  2.  To present projects and best practice cases in the field of conservation, restoration and rehabilitation of buildings and machinery. 
  3.  To consider criteria for protection and intervention strategies. 
  4.  To discuss the prospects for the future of milling heritage as rural and cultural tourism assets. 
  5.  To promote knowledge exchange and cooperation networks at international level. 

Not only is these meetings are addressed to professionals, students and researchers in the fields of Architecture, Engineering, History and Art History, Archaeology, Restoration, Ethnography and Anthropology, Geography or Tourism; but also to volunteers, stakeholders and organisations related to the conservation of milling heritage and traditional engineering. 

Participants may register to attend the working sessions and field visits or also as participants (with oral and/or poster presentation).